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30 ottobre 2007
I Mogwai sui Radiohead.
Stuart L Braithwaite dei Mogwai parla bene della politica distributiva dei radiohead, di cui già si è parlato, ma non nasconde alcune perplessità. Soprattutto riguardo ai recenti rumours che lasciano intendere che "In Raibows" verrà venduto anche nei negozi a aprtire dall'anno prossimo via Parlophone. E tutto questo dopo aver fatto spendere ai propri fans quaclhe sterlina per dei file mp3 di qualità media (160kpbs), lontana dalla qualità cd. Insomma paventa una beffa ai danni dei fans e alle loro tasche:

The situation for the download of the Radiohead record, In Rainbows, was the first issue to raise a few eyebrows, as the buyer (and we have to presume that a lot of people paid for it) had no control over the bit rate; all of which were 160kbps, which is nowhere near the quality of a compact disc. The other option is a box set (the ‘discbox’) which will contain the CD, a copy of the record on vinyl and codes to download mp3s. This costs £40, which is a tad expensive but may well come in beautiful packaging and be an artefact of such aesthetic greatness that the price totally justifies the cost. FYI, Shellac have given away a CD alongside vinyl copies of their last two records free of charge – a CD costs less than fifty pence when manufactured in any significant quantity.

On hearing of Radiohead's removal of the major labels from their particular food chain I was full of admiration and respect. It was only when rumours started to fly that a normal CD edition of the record would be available in the new year on their regular label Parlophone that I began to worry. Since this is just a rumour I can only say that if they are indeed going to release the record as normal after having their biggest and most loyal fans into buying a CD and vinyl box set at four times the normal price in time for Christmas and having pocketed fortunes by getting people to pay for low quality mp3s in advance then they should hang their heads in shame.

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